Clear business cards


Clear business cards are presently the hottest kind of business card around. They have a futuristic look and, are offered in full color printing on both sides. This creates many different creative possibilities.... see some of our samples in the clear business card design samples page.


Clear business cards look very professional and sophisticated and show the recipient that you are someone who takes time and care in every aspect of your business even down to the last detail. They are also a hard-wearing advertising tool which give your company an edge over your competitors, and can be particularly eye catching with clear areas and full color printing on both sides. The main benefit to them is that though they look expensive to produce they are actually affordable.
The size of your Clear business cards is important as most people want to be able to slip it into their wallet, if it is too big then it will be an irritation to them and they are more likely to discard or lose it. Standard size is the same as any credit card (can be thicker or thinner) which fits nicely into most business type wallets.

Clear business cards can be double or single-sided, clear glossy or clear frosted (translucent) or a truly unique shape, color or monotone. The ink quality and craftsmanship are extremely important with clear business cards, in fact, very few companies dare offer different printing on both sides of the clear card as the registration must be almost perfect for both sides to align.
Color makes a big difference on whether you will catch the attention of your target clients or not, not enough color will make your card non-descript and easily forgotten, whilst too much may end up looking garish or drawing the attention away from the actual written details. Try combining different colors for a special effect or make it look like the product you are selling for a high profile marketing technique. Fun typography will get you noticed or go for retro for something reminiscent of another age.

Your clear business card main purpose of course is to get noticed and send a message; this has to be clear and concise. Don't add extra elements that could distract from the message you want to send, simple and clear will suffice. Add fun copy to put a smile on your clients face or stay minimal. A clear business card has to portray a lot about you or your business, this can be difficult to convey on such a small piece of advertising but it is achievable with a lot of thought and consideration.


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Clear business cards


Clear business cards samples




Clear business cards sample 2


Clear business cards
Card designs are the front line image of your business. And since most of us will judge a business by their image (consciously or unconsciously), it is imperative that your business card portrays professionalism and high quality.
Think about it... how many times have you taken a second look at a business card? How many times have you judged a business based on the "LOOK" of their business card - even before you knew what they were all about?

 Clear business cards sample 3

It is also important to remember that, often your customers will associate the attention put on your image with the attention put on your products and services.
Andreoni can design, print and deliver paper and plastic business cards which always command the visual attention of viewers. Moreover, the quality material used to make our cards, as well as our printing process ensures that your cards will "feel" as great as they look!



Clear business cards sample 4


Clear business cards


 "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression"


Plastic cards are great as high impact business cards but also ideal for many other applications, such as loyalty cards, gift cards, calling cards, key cards, fundraising cards, ID cards, Hospital cards, advertising and promotion cards.


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